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An intuitive CRM, invoicing, inventory, payments, and team management system that streamlines your operations and frees you from the hassle of everyday tasks !

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How it works?

Devinstock is taking the best part of “Zoho, Odoo and Close “ all combined ! and provide an all in one platform that is easy and intuitive with an affordable pricing ! ⚡

Efficiently manage your
customer relationships

An easy CRM system tailored to sales business workflow. You can create sales funnels, convert leads into customers, track interactions, send follow-up emails, get purchase history, payments and transactions !


Unleash your potential for business management

Claim your productivity again! Invite your team, make smart sales, delegate business development and manage products and payments. Devinstock is the perfect solution to distribution, retail, services and manufacturing.

Data driven

A dashboard for a comprehensive visualization of your transactions, payments, accounts and business data to make strategic decisions.

Fast and intuitive

Unlock the power of connections and drive sales with easy CRM pipelines! convert leads into sales, engage with prospects, and streamline your quoting and invoicing process.

Up to date !

Get notified and alerted with your products inventory, business documents status changes and never miss any payments deadline with.

A workspace for your team

Manage your groups

Invite collaborators, create and manage workgroups. Assign your team members to tasks and validate business processes.

Integrated communication and messages

No more back-and-forth between applications. Communicate with your team and contacts directly from Devinstock via email, mention teammates and get things done !

devinstock members
devinstock comments
devinstock consulter devis
devinstock send email

Intuitive invoice and billing

Business documents

Create elegant sale, purchase, and business documents that reflect your unique brand: Quotations, orders, delivery, and invoices are supported with simple yet rich customizations.

Multi-currency billing

Facilitate multi-currency payment transactions for your purchases, generate proforma orders, and seamlessly convert them to invoices for your customers. Simplify your local and worldwide financial operations !

Share and follow

Quickly share your documents with your leads and customers, simplify business opportunity followup !

Invoice via email
Follow up with Whatsapp SOON

Manage your products and inventory

Devinstock isn't just about billing and invoicing, it's an ERP for distribution companies, project-based services, and manufacturing units to streamline products and services inventory.


Take control of your product inventory and turn your stock management into a business asset with all-in-one ERP management solution.


Elevate your orders management: paperless! Minimize costs and errors by optimizing your purchasing and product reception processes.


Gain a clear view of your sales pipeline from lead to billing and discover an innovative approach to boost your profitability and productivity.


Gain complete visibility into your product inventory, track real-time stock levels, manage incoming and outgoing items, monitor stock movements, and anticipate future needs with precision.


Save 50% on an annual subscription — Devinstock will boost your productivity and save you countless hours!
$144 / Annual
2 Users
300 Accounts (Customer/Supplier)
300/month Business Documents
1 CRM funnel
1000 Opportunities
200 Transactions
1 Warehouses
100 Products & Services
1000 ongoing Leads
2 Connected emails
Community Join
Support (Email/Chat/Helpcenter)
Inventory management
Multi-Workspace access
SOON Automationsg
SOON Projects and timesheets
SOON Integrations and AI
$282 / Annual
5 Users
1000 Accounts (Customer/Supplier)
600/month Business Documents
3 CRM funnel
2000 Opportunities
600 Transactions
3 Warehouses
10000 Products & Services
10000 ongoing Leads
5 Connected emails
Community Join
Support (Email/Chat/Helpcenter)
Inventory management
Multi-Workspace access
SOON Automationsg
SOON Projects and timesheets
SOON Integrations and AI
$594 / Annual
10 Users
unlimited Accounts (Customer/Supplier)
unlimited Business Documents
unlimited CRM funnel
unlimited Opportunities
unlimited Transactions
5 Warehouses
unlimited Products & Services
unlimited Leads
10 Connected emails
Community Join
Support (Email/Chat/Helpcenter)
Inventory management
Multi-Workspace access
SOON Automationsg
SOON Projects and timesheets
SOON Integrations and AI
30 Days Guarantee


If you don't like Devinstock within the next 30 days, I will gladly refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked!

Why am I offering this?

I understand how important advancing your business. Take a moment today to explore all the opportunities that can boost your activity to new heights.

To achieve effective transformation, it's essential to have a team of experts by your side. Our expertise can make a significant difference for a successful change.

Start growing your business today with Devinstock, and I'm sure you'll love it!!

Thank you, and I hope we get the chance to be part of your success journey soon!

Abdellah El Abbous

Co-Founder Devinstock

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At Devinstock, we believe that effective tools can provide powerful solutions to business management challenges. Devinstock was created from our own experiences and struggles with managing businesses over the years. While we acknowledge the existence of good software on the market, Devinstock takes a unique approach. We combine the best features of leading software with a clean, intuitive user experience to offer great value with affordable price to our users.
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